Brettner Cvitanovic uses technology to efficiently, effectively, and creatively serve our clients’ business

needs. Technology offers efficiencies of scale unheard of just five years ago, and our firm takes

advantage. Our digital framework enables us to provide high quality service without the added

overhead of traditional law firms. 

Large-firm output
for small-firm cost. 

Our goal is to serve as outside/in-house counsel by advising our clients to prevent legal issues but also assisting in the resolution of legal issues when they arise. We offer a diverse array of legal services and serve a variety of clients from numerous industries, including:


  • Advertising, PR, and Marketing;

  • Art Galleries;

  • Biohazard Remediation;

  • Construction;

  • Education;

  • Energy;

  • Healthcare;

  • Hotel & Tourism; and

  • Telecommunications.


Our practice areas include:


  • Business, Corporate, and Contracts

  • Commercial Litigation and Business Disputes

  • Construction

  • Cyber-security & Data Privacy

  • Energy

  • Estate and Legacy Planning

  • International Business

  • Mediation Services

  • Risk Management and Insurance Coverage


Our attorneys have diverse cultural and legal backgrounds to draw upon when serving as your external counsel. We operate in multiple states, and we are equipped to handle wide-ranging business, risk management, general legal, and litigation matters. 



400 Poydras Street, Suite 900

New Orleans, LA 70130

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