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Litigating in an unfamiliar jurisdiction without the insight of local counsel can make or break your case. Brettner Counsel LLC has experience providing local insights to out-of-state firms needing Louisiana local or liaison counsel in all manner of litigation.


Brettner Counsel LLC frequently advises non-Louisiana lawyers and law firms on local rules, local legal customs, and the specific practices of local state and federal judges – all of which can be invaluable to an experienced out-of-state attorney seeking the best possible resolution for his/her client. The firm has represented numerous out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants, in Louisiana courts, so Brettner Counsel can either serve as your local trial counsel or simply advise you on common pitfalls for out-of-state counsel. 

As local counsel, the firm assists in the drafting, filing, and arguing of any motions and filings, especially initial jurisdictional, venue, and 12(b) challenges to the litigation. Brettner Counsel can also appear for any status conferences, discovery disputes, and other matters that require a physical appearance. At trial, the firm is ready to assist you in trial preparation, advising you on any local requirements to ensure you are not caught off-guard. Whether you need local counsel to prepare a motion to dismiss, review your filings for local compliance, or just provide local filing services, Brettner Counsel is there for you and your clients to bring your case to a desirable resolution.


Brettner Counsel LLC is also available to attend court hearings and conferences with you or in your stead and to, generally, participate in the litigation to the degree to which you and your client desire.  Further, the firm can also assist you with your pro hac vice admission requirements in Louisiana courts.

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